Aloan Star is not the average private mortgage broker we can do the same lending activities as our competitors, but we also focus on the niche areas of securing loans for people with bad credit ratings, and helping Chinese and other overseas clients find a loan that best matches their financial and personal goals. We are proud members of the MFAA (Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia), yet our experience and knowledge is enough that we also provide sub-aggregator services to other brokers and brokerage firms.

Whether you are looking for a low home loan interest rate, a house and land package, the best commercial mortgage loan, you're buying a second home, a guarantor loan (non-homeowner), you want to refinance your mortgage (using our mortgage refinancing calculator), or you wish to make an off-the-plan property purchase, Aloan Star can help you. We have Mandarin and Cantonese-speaking brokers on hand, so if you抮e a Chinese business owner or an overseas student, you can be sure Aloan Star抯 5-star customer service will match you with a loan that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

The banking and finance professionals at Aloan Star hear a lot of questions from our clients about how to get a loan fast, the cheapest interest rate vs. comparison rate, how Chinese people can get a loan with bad credit ratings, which loan is best for my needs, how to reduce loan related expenses, and how to get funding for small businesses. We抳e got all of these answers and more. Our service has been designed to tailor for each client抯 unique situation short and long-term goals, lifestyle, and loan servicing abilities. Here are some of the main loan types that Aloan Star deals with:

Home Loans

Aloan Star provides home loan purchase settlements including off-the-plan purchases, refinancing, construction loans, unsecured loans with guarantor, and overseas student home loans. Using our panel of over 20 high quality lenders, the LVR (Loan to Valuation Ratio) can be up to 97% depending on the client抯 specific situation. Loan periods are generally 30 years in length, and the client can choose a standard variable rate, or a fixed interest rate loan - we'll show you comparative home loan rates.

The minimum loan amount for a home loan is $50,000, with repayments to be paid on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. You can get a principal plus interest loan repayment, or an interest only option. Interest is calculated on a daily basis, and offset accounts or redraw facilities are available. We also specialise in home loan mortgages for bad credit histories, and depending on the scenario, can often achieve credit repair via our debt consolidation programs. We'll make sure you can pay off your home loan as quickly as possible.

Commercial Loans

Aloan Star provides business financing options such as commercial property settlement, refinancing of commercial loans, corporate loans, property development loans, and small business development loans we specialise in funding cafes, takeaway shops, bakeries, noodle bars, hairdresser salons, and 2-dollar shops.

If your business enterprise needs to fund a large operation or capital expenditure, we can provide these types of fund acquisition processes:

  • Term Loans
  • Line Of Credit
  • Factoring
  • Commercial Bills
  • Mezzanine Finance
  • Overdrafts

Car Loans

At Aloan Star we have access to a large panel of lenders for car loans (also commercial vehicle loans) including ANZ, Westpac, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Bank of Queensland, Esanda, GE Money, Macquarie Bank, Liberty Financial, and more. What抯 stopping you from buying that new car?

Personal Loans

Aloan Star can provide personal loans for household or family use (education expenses, vacations, a wedding, consolidation of debt, new furniture etc.), with the minimum loan amount being $3,000, and the maximum amount being $50,000.

These personal loans are generally unsecured, although in rare instances you may require a guarantor or loan co-signer. Looking at each client抯 serviceability the ability to make repayments, makes or breaks these loan applications. Personal loan terms are for between 1 year and 7 years, and interest rates are quoted upon application. We make it easy to get a personal loan.

Asset Finance

Need truck and trailer finance? How about business equipment? Aloan Star has you covered on both counts. In some instances (loans of less than $50,000), we can even do this type of loan with no financials, and only small amounts of documentation.

Asset finance is an excellent way to obtain structured working capital secured by your business抯 property holdings, inventory, equipment, machinery, or accounts receivable. This type of loan is a great way to start investing in a small business, refinance an existing loan, or complete a merger or acquisition.

Other Loans

Aloan Star provides loans for the purchase of boats, caravans, and more. We can also offer short-term lending when 慹mergency money is needed. These loans usually have a 3 to 6 month term length. Give Aloan Star a call now and we抣l provide you with more detailed information.

Who is the best mortgage broker? Whether you need a low home loan interest rate, the best commercial mortgage loan, or an easy to get personal loan, Aloan Star is here to help. Through our extensive panel of quality lenders, our goal is to provide you with a range of potential financial institutions and lending products for you to choose from. This results in you having a greater opportunity to find the most suitable loan for your unique needs, while our 5-star customer service will ensure full satisfaction. Call Aloan Star now and find out why our brokerage motto is, 憏our needs are the goals we wish to achieve, and our quality customer service is the means to get there.