Aloan Star Property Management

As home loan professionals, Aloan Star knows the importance of having great property management for your investments. We have worked together with a range of property management teams across the industry, and after much research we decided to partner up with one of Melbourne抯 major property management companies. This has resulted in our clients never having to worry about their rental properties.

The special quality of our property management partner is the ability to have several properties managed by a single property manager, even when in different locations. This provides our customers with the confidence to own more properties. You wouldn抰 believe how often we抳e heard clients say, 慦e抎 love to invest in more properties, but we just don抰 want to deal with so many different real estate agents.

With Aloan Star抯 service, it doesn抰 matter if you have houses on different sides of the city it doesn抰 even matter if they are located in different states! This takes a lot of pressure off of the landlord, because you don抰 have to deal with several different property managers, of which any could change at a moment抯 notice.

We抳e heard of property managers who put their own friends into a property, charging them very low rent sometimes they didn抰 even pay! Our professional partner allocates specific inspection managers and relationship managers to take control of the entire process, ensuring nothing goes wrong with your property investment.

Our property management service has a nationwide vacancy rate of below 1.2%, with 99.2% of their managed properties being occupied for 365 days a year. They have a zero tolerance for rent arrears, and all house maintenance and repair jobs are actioned within a 48-hour period.

Our partner guarantees to return landlord phone calls on the same day, and their property managers are available via email and text message 24 hours/7 days a week, with responses made within an hour each time. Your home will receive 4 inspections and 2 rental reviews per year. Payment schedules are flexible (fortnightly or monthly), and you抣l be provided with itemised statements each month.

Marketing for maximum exposure, high quality home presentation via professional photography and written property descriptions, and a proactive approach with tenants has resulted in a top-notch property management service. Tenants are even provided with a 24-hour emergency helpline if unforseen issues arise.

Don抰 bother looking elsewhere for property management. Once you抳e purchased your investment property with one of Aloan Star抯 perfectly matched home loans, use our highly reputable and professional property management partner service to ensure your mind is kept at ease, even when owning multiple rental properties. Being a landlord has never been so easy!